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Tracy and Carolyn Henry of Tryon Mountain Lavender

At Tryon Mountain Lavender, Tracy and Carolyn Henry grow dozens of species and varieties of flowers, vegetables, and fruit, all organically grown.

The property was originally purchased by Carolyn’s grandparents. She grew up on the farm where her parents began organic farming in 1964. But Carolyn and Tracy began their own farming venture in 2015 with a crop of lavender. Now they grow seven varieties of lavender plus vegetables including beans, peppers, kale, okra, beets, carrots, tomatoes, and more.

Alongside the flowers and vegetables there are also many berry and fruit trees on the farm including elderberry and muscadine. Animals are a part of Tryon Mountain Lavender, too; three bee hives are used for pollination and honey, and two goats serve as nature’s weed eaters.

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