What we Grow

What we Make From The Farm

Lavender Hibiscus Simple Syrup

Hand Blended Specialty Salts

In creating products with farm-grown ingredients , we draw inspiration from traditional Southern ingredients and our Southern Hemisphere heritage in New Zealand. Our salt blends contain herbs we grow and organic salt from New Zealand's Lake Grassmere Salt Works. Our Simple Syrup Blends contain pure cane sugar, mountain well water and farm grown herbs and flowers. Our infused sugars are made from pure cane sugar with lavender buds and hibiscus calyces we harvest each summer.

Seasonal Vegetables

 We have grown seasonal vegetables just like we always have to feed ourselves. Now we quadruple these amounts for our markets. Our focus on Heirloom/Ark of Taste vegetables, traditional Southern Vegetables and Cherokee Indian Vegetables make us pay attention to the rich history and traditional ways these foods were used and prepared for the table and as medicine.

Cut Flowers

Before we harvest our flowers they have served in our garden as companion plants, pest deterrents and the best part is our bees collect the nectar for honey!

Our flowers attract pollinators, thereby enhancing pollination, and therefore the quality, of all our vegetable crops.

We grow culinary lavender, our farm signature as well as peonies, zinnias, sunflowers, marigolds, dahlias, cleome, mints and cosmos.

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