What we Grow and Make From The Farm

Hand Blended Specialty Salts

Our specialty salts are crafted by mixing our farm grown herbs and vegetables with Organic salt from Lake Grassmere Salt Works. We chose to source New Zealand salt because of the salt's mineral qualities and our Southern Hemisphere heritage. Our salt blends add unique and balanced flavor to meat, vegetables, potatoes, rice, popcorn and soups. Our salts are bottled in grinder jars.


Hibiscus Chili Garlic Salt

(including the Ark of Taste African Fish Pepper)

Beer Thyme Salt

 (We infuse our Beer Salt)


Rosemary Red Wine

Lavender White Wine Salts

(We infuse our Wine Salts)

Lemony Garlic Scape Salt.

Small Batch Simple Syrups


Our Simple Syrup Blends are inspired by the flowers we grow on our farm. We infuse these aromatic flowers into simple syrup and then hand bottle the finished syrup in small batches. Our Simple Syrups make great additions to tea and coffee, or they can be used for homemade sodas and shaved ice. As Cocktail and Mocktail mixers the Simple Syrups can be used to add flavor notes to a variety of craft drinks.

   Lavender Hibiscus Simple Syrup

(light and floral)

Hibiscus Flower Simple Syrup

(with Ark of Taste African Fish Pepper to mimic a warm ginger finish)

Kudzu Blossom Simple Syrup

(Small Batch Seasonal Offering)

(flavor "ringer" for Cotton Candy Grapes)

   Fig Simple Syrup 

     (Fall Harvest Flavor)

 Borage Simple Syrup

(Cucumber Sprite Flavor)




Spice Mixes

Herb Blends we Make from the Herbs we grow on the Farm

 Greek Oregano Dipping Mix. 

A flavorful Mix to add to Olive Oil and Garlic and serve with bread as an Appetizer.

 Herbes de Tryon 

An addition to salads and meals made from a blend of the Herbs we grow on the Farm.

Lavender Sugar . 

Hibiscus Sugar

Blended Sugar


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