Porch Cocktails

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Most hot days on the farm we are chugging down water and electrolyte drinks while we work. When our days grow colder, you can find us with a hot cuppa on our "smokos" (New Zealand slang for short break). Farming is thirsty work to say the least...and our enjoyment of an occasional "Porch Cocktail" after a hard day on the farm using one of our simple syrups, is work and fun combined.

We are certainly not professional mixologist. I did bartending stints working for a caterer in college and I think Tracy must have watched Tom Cruise in "Cocktail" at least once. ..Either way, I would describe us as a combination between cocktail researchers and fearless experimenters when we work to create a drink using our simple syrups.

Creating our farm simple syrup line focuses directly on what grows, cultivated and wild, on the farm. Holding firm on this niche position actually gives us an amazing amount of product experimenting options! We started growing culinary lavender in 2015; annual hibiscus and borage in 2016 and 2019, respectively and kudzu, well every Southern farm has a patch of that damn stuff. Like many Southern Farms, we have fig trees, too, so fig simple syrup became part of our farm offerings this season.

Our ingredients undergo different processes in our NCDA Certified Kitchen once they are harvested. Some are dried, while we utilized others fresh to infuse the simple syrup. We bottle our syrup in small batches following food safety protocols outlined by NC State University's Food Science Department (of which I am a graduate) Food Safety Testing Laboratory.

The simple syrups we make use pure cane sugar and contain no artificial ingredients or colors. I despise artificial flavors and artificial colors, quite frankly. Our simple syrups have beautiful flavors and natural colors. The Lavender Hibiscus Simple Syrup has a delicate lavender flavor with a light hibiscus tartness. Our Hibiscus Flower Simple Syrup is sweet and tart with a little heat (via an heirloom chili) to mimic traditional Sorrel (Hibiscus) drinks. The Borage Simple Syrup is cucumber and lemon flavored. Our Kudzu Simple Syrup evokes flavors of cotton candy and grapes, while our Fig Simple Syrup, made with our Celeste figs, is figgy, with a brown sugar note.

When we first began selling Simple Syrups, adding a Porch Cocktail page to the website seemed a natural step to offer guidance to customers who bought our syrups. After almost two years of making Simple Syrups on the farm, we are awed by the cocktails our customers are creating.

If you have a "Porch Cocktail" recipe using our Simple Syrups that you would like to share on our website, please email us at: tryonlavender@gmail.com.

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