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New Zealand Solar Salt

Lake Grassmere.jpg

An aerial view of Lake Grassmere in Marlborough, New Zealand (Tracy Henry, 2016)

 Salt in our Farm Salt Blends comes from Lake Grassmere, Marlborough ,New Zealand.

Growing up in Blenheim, New Zealand, as students we visited the local saltworks at Lake Grassmere as a school field trip.

On a yearly basis, the flat drying ponds produce some 60-70,000 tons of salt which is shipped around the world. Choosing a salt for our farm salt blends, therefore, was relatively easy.

Lake Grassmere salt utilizes the natural process of sun, wind and concentrating ponds to reach a brine saturation point, a process which takes six months. At the end of each summer, our Sea Salt is carefully harvested to maintain the natural balance of minerals. An onsite refinery rewashes in brine, crushes, dries and screens the salt prior to packaging.


New Zealand Sea Salt contains higher levels of Calcium, Magnesium and other minerals than normal table salt, as these minerals are naturally present in seawater.  New Zealand Sea Salt is certified by Bio-Gro NZ (an IFOAM accredited certifier) as an input in organic food processing16

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